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IP-CATS stands out for several compelling reasons

Unbeatable Pricing Options

Pick the plan that works for you. We offer flexible pricing, customized cost solutions, and industry-leading affordability—without contracts that hold you down.

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Experience what true customer service should be. Our proxy experts are available 24/7, with multi-channel support and fast, personalized responses.

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Join thousands of companies—from startups to large corporations—who trust us with all their proxies needs. If you value reliable, ethically-sourced proxies that perform at a great price, you’re in good hands.

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Quick and easy setup

Do you have 60 seconds? That’s all it takes to get your proxy servers up and running.

Next step: Customize your dashboard to make management a breeze. Then integrate our IPs with your software, scrapers, and browsers for a hassle-free experience and zero downtime.

Team Intregrations

Social Media Exclusive

We provide quality resources that have been specifically adapted for social media, making your social media operations safer and easier.


Absolute anonymity

We carefully configure and monitor our proxies to ensure 100% anonymity and avoid IP or DNS leaks

  • We keep zero logs, so there’s no trail of your activity
  • We offer enhanced privacy protection against tracking and surveillance